Giselle Valdes Rodriguez, known by many as the Soul Purpose Mentor, is the creator of the Invaluable Know Your Soul Purpose System and She teaches people who feel called to help the world, how to discover what they were born to do, so they can create a unique and authentic soul business that makes a big difference while making great money.

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10 Tips to Live a No Regrets Life

Here are my top 10 tips to live a no regrets life: Whether you master of all of them or just attempt a few here and there, your life will be considerably much better – actually just by reading this list you’re way ahead of the game. 1. Know Thyself & Who Thyself are Not-teth – Dig deep… Read more »

Instant Manifestation

A few times in my life I have had instances of almost instant manifestation. Where I wanted something and within minutes, hours or days what I wanted came to me. When I first moved out at nineteen I was living with my band; all guys. I had my own room, but my parents were not… Read more »

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