Giselle Valdes Rodriguez is the creator of the Awakening the Inner Muse signature system and She is a spiritual teacher, writer and speaker. Her awakening began as a small child with intimate experiences with the world of spirit that have continued throughout her life to this day.

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Instant Manifestation

A few times in my life I have had instances of almost instant manifestation. Where I wanted something and within minutes, hours or days what I wanted came to me. When I first moved out at nineteen I was living with my band; all guys. I had my own room, but my parents were not… Read more »

We Are One

  At the root of all violence is an inability to perceive that we are one. We see that we are in different bodies, with different skin colors, nationalities, religions, and beliefs. Plants and animals seem even more different from us; the oceans and skies and mountains even less like us, yet at the subatomic… Read more »

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